Look up! Life is going to begin for you anew.

Shine on my little girl


It is an art to be where you are, and see happiness in life’s ever changing landscape. Today look with new eyes, and treasure all you can.


Being Real

Be in your real self today, get to know your true being. Happiness is inside this, gently singing.


Be in happiness energy today, keep feeling for that energy & uplift & expand THAT

12.24.07. my spot


Happiness can happen in this space of feeling your body from head to toes. Feel deeper. Experience more.

Porthcurno Light

Fly Higher

If it’s not all going like you thought it might fly higher, get even brighter, and ask for even MORE!

Mount Damavand

Happiness in Sorrow

When you are in the middle of letting go of something old, look for happiness in fresh insights. A song, a butterfly, a smile on the face of a stranger. Don’t try to feel totally happy every instant — seek those precious bursts of happiness that lead to brighter days.

Drops On Bright Orange Flower


If you are going to change one thing to feel more happiness, change your energy. Energy changes all experience.

Valentine´s Day

Opening Your World

Open up your world to bigger, more, gentler, kinder, wilder, sweeter, a life dance that is new steps. Happiness!

dance theatre (teatro danza)


Time is so finite and fickle, be happy

Just say that. I’m happy RIGHT NOW! Before the money and the perfect relationship and everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Go there now. You can!

Halo, 22-degree halo, Solar Halo, 22 degree solar halo - aka (incorrectly) Rainbow, Full Circle, 360 Degree, Round, Circular, Whole. Directly overhead. Morro Bay, CA. 12 June 2009.

Let it In

Let the love in. Let happiness in. It’s knocking! Let it flow into your life.




Happiness can happen in a surprise. It is rarely linear…Let it!

Fossil Sitting In Sun Light

What to Do

When someone has done you wrong, ask for this deep sense of forgiveness and say “I thank you for the lessons you’ve taught me on my journey and now I let go.”

Goodbye Puy-de-Dôme!


When I hear “love is the answer” I question? And then I feel love, deep love, true love, and I know, at the core of my being, love is always, always the answer.
Sky of West Point Evening


When I open my eyes, I don’t always feel happy. Sometimes I feel fear or crowded or too many emotions. Then I breathe. I find happiness behind all of that, letting go of all of that. As a place more true than anything other than happiness.

sunrise at sea

Energy of Happiness

The energy of happiness is vibrant. Let in the excitement life wants to bring you. It’s all here! Waken and feel joy.

When photography turns social experience

Happiness Where You Are

Be in this space today. Own your feelings of happiness, exactly where you are right now. Happiness is yours, claim it!

Missing in Action

Declare Love, Get Big

Declare what you love to do, declare who you want to be, step into yourself bigger today. Get big with you.


Joy in Small

Seek joy in the smallest of things today, the littlest of indicators of happiness. See if you can find joy in the smile of someone you don’t know, or in the way the sunlight is hitting the tree outside your window. Be open to joy where it is — and where you already are!

Early signs of spring?


Uplift your soul, spirit and energy to a higher vibration. Ask that the higher vibration weave into every way you say and do everything today! Be all about that.


Flow into your own courage today. Stand on a new dream.

The big one

Attribute a Happier Meaning to your Experience

When you have an experience, you attribute a meaning to that experience. As everyone’s history is different, every person will attribute “good luck” “bad luck” “this means that” “that means this” in completely unique ways. What meaning are you attributing to your experiences today? Is it an old meaning your grandparents gave your parents that isn’t actually the meaning you want an experience to have? What if you attributed to every experience “this is happening so I can grow and learn what I came to learn, I am deeply thankful and thoughtful of these learnings.” Try it on, especially where you are feeling the greatest resistance.

In Your Own Skin

Happiness can be as easy as feeling good in your own skin. Relax about it all, it’s not such a big deal. Feel good in your own skin today.

~ Seen Scene ~

Connection to Source Energy

When you are in doubt, call into the deeper recesses of your being. Connect with all that is true, good, beautiful, kind, loving, wonderful, all that you can be, all of your capacity, connect with that sense that you could not possibly be anything other than you already are. Connect with source energy. In this connection, it’s actually more than happiness. It is bliss.

When You Feel Your Worst

It’s easy to feel good when things are going great. Happiness is easy then. The true act of courage is to feel good when things are going miserably. When life is throwing you challenges, and you are looking out on a bleak ocean of your life, stop and write down 10 things you do appreciate in your life. Consider how much you have. Not to say that what is making you feel the worst is not real, but equally real are the miracles in store. Where are you staring? You have control of that. Take it.

Your Present is Not Your Definition

You are so much more than you see right now. You have so much more to give, and so many more things to live for. Your spirit is bigger than any fraction of your life than you see when you look at your present. Try this. Close your eyes, and float above your body. Look down on your house, then go higher. Look down on your city, then your state, then your country. Look from an astronaut’s viewpoint and look down at the entire planet. Picture for a moment everything brighter, everything lighter, everything moving in its rhythm and beauty. See the whole. Know that you are so much more than you could ever perceive, yet. Be in that knowledge. You are more, you have more, you are more, and your capacity is just a fraction filled. Now breathe into that knowledge. Accept that you are big, in your reach, in your heart, in your love, in your life. As you shift your consciousness into happiness, every being benefits — even those you do not personally know. Your smile will touch one who then touches other, and you choose the emotions, thoughts and concepts you share. Take it to a higher level.

Happiness Transports to a Higher Vibration

Happiness transports you to a higher vibration. You make connections with people, starting conversations that generate opportunities. Happiness is a trigger for more happiness.

Live Big

Dream bigger, feel bigger, get bigger with your life. Let go of little things and embrace the wild insecurity of great joy.

«That´s for you!!!»

Is that Action an Expression of Happiness?

What if you could break down every action of every person on the planet as an expression of happiness or a call for happiness?

Expressions of happiness: writing a good book, playing a piano solo, baking a cake, taking a bike ride, doing a great job on a presentation…

Calls for happiness: getting called into the principal’s office for pranks, cutting off someone on the freeway, feeling sad, pushing someone out of the way to get ahead…

Now, next time you run into a situation where someone is calling for happiness, could you reach out and give them a hand? An understanding look? What will you do?

_ Sad eye _

Happiness For No Reason


Just do something to feel good!

No bridge too far

There is no bridge too far to happiness. I stand in happiness today, and let the obstacles fall.


Happiness in Your Smile

When you smile, you share a glimpse into the happiness that your soul wishes to express. A smile triggers happiness! Happiness triggers a smile. Become this revolution.

The One Dream

Break the Cage

You may have stopped seeing the cage that binds you. Break free today. Break out, and feel the air anew.


Bring It On

I am setting the intention today to allow greatness into every aspect of my life. I am tuned in to allow all the good things to show up, magic and miracles!

href=”″>If You Want to Achieve Greatness Stop Asking for Permission

Temptation on the External

It can be so tempting to seek happiness in the eyes of others. To seek acceptance from others to gain happiness. Whenever you fall into this quicksand, take a moment to remind yourself that true happiness begins inside, and reverberates outward and becomes more and greater happiness. Let your happiness well up inside you and take care with external influences! Be yourself.

The sunset factory

let the sunshine in

Plants are smarter than people in some ways because they reach for the light with no doubt or critical mind, they just reach and get the light, intrinsic to being that this will cause thrive.

A green heart for you !! have a sweet and nice weekend.


Are there people you would be inspired to be around? Surround yourself with this good vibration of others, protect yourself from those who do not share in a loving vibration. The higher the vibration of those around you, ascension.

Thunderstorms from Bright Angel Point - Grand Canyon

Teach Me

When you don’t know the very exact next step, ask for the teacher to show up. And open up to what could be, what might be even better than life is today.

Rising sun over Moorea - French Polynesia

Gentle Tug

Does happiness tug at your consciousness and do you push it away? Are you focused so hard on where you are going, you have forgotten to be where you are? I commit today to being present, clear and open to my very own peace and happiness. Will you?


Bigger and Brighter

You are so much bigger and so much brighter than you can fathom. Begin to open up to your light.



Feel your freedom today, step into it a lot bigger. Breathe and taste freedom and in this, you will experience more of who you were born on the earth to become.

Planet Elizatane

Feel the fire

Wake up the passion! Wake up the fire. That’s what I’m about today. What gets everything stirred up, touch that today.

Explosions in the sky

Blur Reality Invite Joy

Look easier for happiness, invite joy into your present with a slight blur of critical and allowance of pure playful bliss.

NIght train

All that is possible

Did you ever feel you had reached all that was possible? Let go your expectations today and just be in your own skin, trust the opportunities that show up for you today.

North Stradbroke Island_Fishing...

Feel the Joy

Experience the joy of miracles everywhere you look today. Go there, be in this, as a choice.

Ready for Lunch

When Life Calls Are You Listening?

When you ask, and then it is time to receive happiness, or joy, or expansion, or all those good things you have been asking to receive — are you truly listening in for the solutions? Slow down today and be open to the solutions, they are now being shown to you and look for that magic, that wisdom, that joy. It is yours.


Feeling Flow and Alignment

Flow and alignment feel good and spirit brings you closer to everything you wish to manifest, easily. Anything that isn’t this feels bad. Stay easy.


What Amazing Thing Might Happen Today!

Say to yourself something amazing is going to happen today! Then when anyone calls you or speaks to you look at them and wonder “Is this it? Is this the amazing thing?” and stand in the awe of that anticipation. MMMMM.

I Want (Cotton) Candy

Into the Infinite

As we allow ourselves expansion, our energy can join with the infinite and bring back tastes of greatness that lie within us. Be your greatness today. Be infinite.


Transmute Energy to a Higher Vibration

It is the spirit coming in and lighting up those around you that will shift and transform your reality into a brighter and happier place. When you can step into your own happiness in the present and then transmute your vibration to attract more happiness — well, that’s joy.

A Perfect Morning

Like Happiness? Yes!

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