Happiness Quotations “When You Feel Your Worst” #82

On the blog talk radio interview this evening, “Be the Light” host Rev. Michael Carbone asked about struggle, and how you can feel good, even when life is bringing you challenges.

The quotation that showed up for me to read was Happiness Quotations #82:

“When You Feel Your Worst,” and it gives insights into feeling better, even when life brings you difficult situations to navigate. Here is more (but not all of it!). Then pick up the book for 125 more happiness quotations to light your path.

It’s easy to feel good when things are going great. Happiness is easy then. One true act of courage is to feel good when things are going miserably. When life is throwing you challenges, and you are looking out on a bleak ocean of your life, stop and write down ten things you appreciate in your life. Consider how much you have. Not to say that what is making you feel the worst is not real, but equally real are the miracles in store. Where are you staring? You have control over that. Take it.

It is not where you are exactly at this very instant in time that is important. Remember that life is a river, full and rushing along. You feel great some days; you feel badly other days. Bleak emptiness teaches you how lovely abundance is. Sad teaches you how much of a miracle joy can be. It is the valleys that teach you to appreciate the peaks.

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