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Welcome to co-creation on my new product, Build Your Day. You are receiving a special invitation to contribute your ideas on this concept! Please email me your ideas, submissions and contributions so that we all may build the MOST POWERFUL DAY, in your history of days, each and every day.

Build Your Day by Erica Glessing

The concept is:
-Where are you compared to where you want to be
-How does your day look?
-Shake up your day. Get down to the roots. Wake it up.
-Build your day new with focus on all of the areas where you want change — health, relationships, wealth, prospects, closes on business transactions. Keenly focus where you want to change and change your very day.
-Now wake up each day thirsty, with zest, that you know when you take a half hour walk or have dinner with a good friend, that it is all in alignment

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Posted: September 5th, 2011 under Happiness Quotations.

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