It’s Written All Over Your Face

Do you wonder, as I wonder, if how you feel transmits all the time to those who know or care about you? To your family? To people you work with? Is your sense of purpose clear and are you communicating it consciously?

There’s a song that says it is so, and whenever I take the time to step into knowing that how I feel can be perceived by everyone in my circle I want to stop and raise my vibration! Not just so I feel better, but so that I can give this gift to all around me (and those who read my daily happiness quotations too!).

One of the people who inspires me to live in that space of connectivity to my highest space of being is Jack Canfield, and today I’d like to share information about one of his systems that feels good to me:

Click Now to Look at Jack’s Teachings!!!

See if you can beam a higher vibration, just by knowing that you are teaching, all the time. You are a fellow bringer of light.

Posted: November 6th, 2011 under erica.

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