How do I Forgive?

Forgiveness frees up our life force, and we are drawn to it like moth to flame. Then we feel repelled! How can we forgive! How can we forgive THAT! How could he or she have done THAT!

When you do find that spot, that sweet spot inside, that lets you forgive — you free up rivers and oceans of new energy. Forgiveness lets you start fresh, anew, open to what might be instead of dimmed by what was or what hurt. Healing feels so good. Here are some sneaky ways to forgive that I’ve conjured up for you:

1: Make up a story!
Picture one time someone disappointed you. Make it an easy thing — small. Someone didn’t finish a project, someone blocked you in a lane of traffic. See if you can let that go, forgive, make up a story about why they behaved like that and let it go, something easy, just let it go.
2: Remember it’s rarely about you. It’s not about you! Everyone lives out patterns, thoughts, behaviors, ideas that were learned. This all happened way before they met you (in most cases). It’s just about never about you. When you get that you might have been an unwitting pawn, does it feel easier to forgive? A person lives out his or her story — you jumped in someplace — let it go. It wasn’t about you.
3: For the third (big) forgiveness you can listen to my interview on this radio show…and stay tuned, I have an all-new video series on forgiveness ready in days.

Have a wonderful day!

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Posted: September 20th, 2012 under Happiness Quotations.
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