Manziel Goes 22nd in NFL Draft – A Study in Happiness

So how can you experience happiness when your life is unfolding not exactly as you planned it? You dream, you work, you ask, you want, you know, you do all the right practices and drills and then your life is unfolding differently than you asked.

So when I look at Johnny Manziel going 22nd in the NFL draft hours after LeBron James of the Miami Heat (for those of you not into basketball he is one of the greatest players on the court today) says Johnny Manziel should be drafted #1 pick.

Manziel Labron

So the #1 pick is chosen. It’s Jadeveon Clowney, and he’s a formidable athlete.

And so on and so forth. And the cameras keep going back to Johnny Manziel’s face. He is waiting. His life is not unfolding exactly as planned.


But then — when the Cleveland Browns do a dance to get him #22 and move up in line to get him, and clearly want him, and the Cleveland fans are going insane calling for him, and his name is called, well there is a beauty and perfection in it. He is going where he is badly needed and deeply wanted.

So it did not unfold as he planned. And so much of our lives unfold like that. Where we aim and plan and ask and then life as it does, and the puzzle pieces fall into place. So we meet each day and are we bitter or do we embrace the sweetness?

Take each moment and know that you are a shining light, and know that your brightness shines, and there is a bigger picture and a bigger plan. And it is almost never about one moment in time. It’s almost always about all of the moments added onto another and how we meet adversity — that counts.

Make today count. Imagine being chosen #22 in the nation in the NFL and all the riches that now implies. He made it. The sweetness far outweighs the bitter. Find your happiness in today. It’s here, inside, waiting for you to know that all is well. Truly.

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