“Letting Go” to experience joy, happiness & peace

The new movie “Letting Go” promises to help you feel happier, whole, at peace, by letting go of your emotional ties that have been binding you. Watch the four-minute introduction, and you may, as I did, feel a sense of renewed hope and possibility.

The Movie — watching it for 1 hour and 8 minutes — will guide you to let go of:
Traumatic experiences from the past
Limiting thoughts and beliefs
Day-to-day anxieties
Your inner tears
Sadness from a lost love
Deep-rooted anger
Financial woes
Frustration with your career
Struggles with addiction

Hale Dwoskin, teacher and New York Times best-selling author of the Sedona Method, has studied and mastered the art of Letting Go for over 35 years. In this inspiring, entertaining and thought-provoking movie; he reveals his wisdom – and proven, powerful and liberating technologies.

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This is what Chet Homes says:

“And I’m honestly not sure if it´s some mystical force at work in my life, a culmination of a life time of serious hard work, or if it´s just being so centered that I’m never coming from a place of weakness anymore. So read these and know that I have achieved almost all of them,” from Chet Holmes…

Here are some bullets:

What if you could leave all of your negative emotions and anxieties behind you forever?
What if, at the same time, you could also create the happiness and success you have always desired?
What if you could finally get the Law of Attraction to really work for you?

Go here to learn about the movie “Letting Go” and let me know how it goes!

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