Special Offer for Happiness Fans

Would you like a Happiness Shift?
If you find yourself judging others, or waking up in a bad mood, or generally not attracting the kind of life you know you deserve, could you break free from your chains?

Could you shift all areas of your life upwards?

When you focus on happiness, the greater “rightness” of all being, you step into an elevated place of living. Everything moves more smoothly, and your wishes become reality with less stress. Start with a few steps, or take a giant shift.

My special gift to you today is:

8 50-minute Happiness Sessions up to two per week so that you may experience a dramatic shift in your life
2 Personalized Meditations, 10 to 15-minutes tailored for the changes you want to make in your life
1 new ebook “50 Happiness Affirmations”
1 new recording “50 Happiness Affirmations” for daily play

I am sharing this offer for 33% less than normal at $799! Sign up right now and you can begin your shift.

Posted: December 3rd, 2010 under Erica Nelson, Happiness Quotations, Happiness Recommends.

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