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When You Feel Your Worst

It’s easy to feel good when things are going great. Happiness is easy then. The true act of courage is to feel good when things are going miserably. When life is throwing you challenges, and you are looking out on a bleak ocean of your life, stop and write down 10 things you do appreciate in your life. Consider how much you have. Not to say that what is making you feel the worst is not real, but equally real are the miracles in store. Where are you staring? You have control of that. Take it.

Edited: April 13th, 2017

Is that Action an Expression of Happiness?

What if you could break down every action of every person on the planet as an expression of happiness or a call for happiness?

Expressions of happiness: writing a good book, playing a piano solo, baking a cake, taking a bike ride, doing a great job on a presentation…

Calls for happiness: getting called into the principal’s office for pranks, cutting off someone on the freeway, feeling sad, pushing someone out of the way to get ahead…

Now, next time you run into a situation where someone is calling for happiness, could you reach out and give them a hand? An understanding look? What will you do?

_ Sad eye _

Edited: April 11th, 2017

Happiness and Success Coaching – 4 Openings

Only 4 openings remain in Erica Nelson’s Happiness and Success coaching program.

People who take coaching systems are able to:
Formulate a successful game plan
Get rid of blocks and obstacles
Heal from past pain or grief
See everything in their life with more peace, joy and happiness
Experience more energized activity in all areas where they choose to focus
Sessions are 40-45 minutes and may be recorded upon request. for more or sign up for a new introductory tele-class!

Edited: November 28th, 2010

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