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Attribute a Happier Meaning to your Experience

When you have an experience, you attribute a meaning to that experience. As everyone’s history is different, every person will attribute “good luck” “bad luck” “this means that” “that means this” in completely unique ways. What meaning are you attributing to your experiences today? Is it an old meaning your grandparents gave your parents that isn’t actually the meaning you want an experience to have? What if you attributed to every experience “this is happening so I can grow and learn what I came to learn, I am deeply thankful and thoughtful of these learnings.” Try it on, especially where you are feeling the greatest resistance.

Edited: April 14th, 2017

Happiness Transports to a Higher Vibration

Happiness transports you to a higher vibration. You make connections with people, starting conversations that generate opportunities. Happiness is a trigger for more happiness.

Edited: April 12th, 2017

Is that Action an Expression of Happiness?

What if you could break down every action of every person on the planet as an expression of happiness or a call for happiness?

Expressions of happiness: writing a good book, playing a piano solo, baking a cake, taking a bike ride, doing a great job on a presentation…

Calls for happiness: getting called into the principal’s office for pranks, cutting off someone on the freeway, feeling sad, pushing someone out of the way to get ahead…

Now, next time you run into a situation where someone is calling for happiness, could you reach out and give them a hand? An understanding look? What will you do?

_ Sad eye _

Edited: April 11th, 2017

Center and Breathe

Take time to center and breathe. Meditate for a moment on the loveliness around you, inside your heart. Breathe into it. Go deeper inside, and deepen again. From center, fly.

Edited: June 12th, 2011

Happiness Quotations Audio Recording – Free Download Now

Experience happiness, no matter what is going on. Here’s a brand new recording for you to download & listen to, to experience it!

Happiness No Matter What

Chinese New Year

Edited: October 25th, 2010

Happiness Lies in Safety

The safety is we are all one. Happiness lies in this feeling of all one. Happiness lies in knowing one’s truth, that we are all connected and we are no better or worse than anyone else on the planet. Let your light shine.

Edited: October 8th, 2010

Happiness Quotations

Happiness Quotations With happiness, all becomes possible. Today, focus your attention on one precious aspect, one precious thing that makes you smile. Once every few hours, go back into that precious feeling of happiness. See what happens.

Edited: September 27th, 2010

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