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Life is an adventure, be in an adventurous space today. Be open to “What could be great?” “What most amazing thing might show up?” Be looking for that.

Edited: March 2nd, 2017

Did you believe a lie?

Did you believe a lie someone told you when you were young? Have you run with lies about your beauty, worth, value and truth? In essence, you are as gifted, as beautiful, as precious and as wonderful as anyone could be. If not more so.

Edited: March 1st, 2017

Happiness Finds You

What if happiness finds you? It’s trying to get in, you’re stopping it because you’re not sure you’re worth it. Or, you can’t let it in because it might cause change! Or, it is knocking and you are too wrapped up in your thoughts to allow it. See if you can let happiness find you, today.

Fog Ocean Sunset

Edited: October 23rd, 2011


Is your time in alignment with happiness? Build your day.

Portugal Beja Sunshine

Edited: September 2nd, 2011

Faith and Certainty

Experience true faith and certainty before the evidence is in. Change means doing things differently, the results will change. You will be drawn back into the sameness, like a rubber band that stretches out, you want to go back to your old ways. New feels awkward and requires deep faith and certainty. Go there.

The Way Things Ought To Be

Edited: September 1st, 2011


Step into freedom today. Feel that sense of freedom bubble up from toes all the way to the top of your head into the sky. Feel and touch freedom, choices, options, opportunities. Open up to more and greater freedom. Soar.

Mt. Pinatubo Caldera

Edited: August 30th, 2011

Bliss Exists

Bliss exists.

Its Like the Light

Edited: August 24th, 2011

Way out Through

The only way out is through.


Edited: August 21st, 2011


To bring light, to allow light in, to be filled with light and love. Simply, to enlighten. Be light today in your world, share it and bring it.

fields of gold

Edited: August 17th, 2011

Cherish Moments

Cherish your life. Cherish waking moments. List wins. You have so much. There is so much you can appreciate. Cherish one rose, one hug, one kiss, one warm embrace, the trusting hand of a child.

happiness quotations small hands

Edited: August 16th, 2011

Best Outcomes Possible

Write down the best possible outcome of a conflict you’re in. What is the most amazing possible outcome? What would be a future possibility worthy of your dreams and intentions? Let go of the fears and open up to what could be.

I Am A Bird Now

Edited: August 15th, 2011

New Discoveries

What could you discover? Seek! What you are seeking is seeking you. Fear not.

The Truth

Edited: August 10th, 2011

Staying True

The truth resonates differently than anything that is other than the truth. Today, touch the truth you hold within your heart. Be of and about this truth. Say words that deeply connect with your truth. Notice if you are going to say something that is other than your truth — and reverse directions back into your truth, beauty, all that is good, and all that is complete perfection. Your truth is this.

Lightning; My First Try

Edited: August 8th, 2011


Watch what you resist. How does that hold you back? Step into releasing resistance, letting go, being fluid and let resistance be history. Then happiness sneaks in, quietly.

Lighthouse´s competitor / Competidora del faro

Edited: August 8th, 2011

Wildest Dream Seeds

Find seeds of your wildest dreams in your daily experience, then focus on these tiny seeds with laser sharp intensity.

Rainbow Guard

Edited: August 7th, 2011

Step Up

Step into the realms of light. Step up, take steps, higher than you imagined your life could become. Reach and stretch. Bliss. Higher. Even higher. You have access to places you have not yet imagined.

celestial light

Edited: August 6th, 2011

Take Time for You

Take time out to nourish you. Take time for the small things. Do something extra special and nice for you today, for no reason.

dj sugar

Edited: August 5th, 2011

Dreaming of You

Is there a dream you would wake from? Or are you living your dream in waking moments? Be of joyous spirit, today.

Grand Canyon at the Tapeats Creek & Colorado River confluence looking east

Edited: August 3rd, 2011

Happiness with Good People

Happiness is easier with good people around you. Wrap yourself up with wonderful friends and happiness blossoms.

cute penguin couple - explored

Edited: August 1st, 2011

Vibrational Healing

How can you heal your vibration? When someone says you can be happier when you raise your vibration, do you feel better or worse about that? It’s not so hard. Let it be easier. Smile about it. Laugh if you start to work too hard. Be easy with a healing vibration, and invite more healing in. Allow this, yet, be accepting of where you are, right now.


Edited: August 1st, 2011

Love isn’t Always Easy

Love isn’t always easy. Will you choose it anyhow?

Better Luck THIS Time!

Edited: July 31st, 2011

No Now but Here

There is no now except right here, right now. There is no future, no past. Be in now. This is your power. Touch it, express it.

Into the sun.

Edited: July 30th, 2011

Essential Perfection

Acknowledge your insanely fabulous perfection. Know it.

feather weight

Edited: July 29th, 2011

Lighten Up

Lighten up! Have some fun today! Happiness is a dance step, a loud song, a playful tug on a puppy’s tail.

Bear & Avery

Edited: July 28th, 2011

Invoke Healing

You can invoke healing. You can call healing into your being, and heal from the inside out. Light, love, warmth, joy, earth, truth — allow and invite healing today.


Edited: July 27th, 2011

Start Fresh Happiness

Starting fresh is delicious. Give yourself an opening to start fresh in your life, choose one playground to build from scratch. Let go old.

Edited: July 25th, 2011

Right Resonates

Right resonates differently than wrong. When something is right, it feels right. This is a resonation. Touch this feeling of things going right.


Edited: July 24th, 2011

Mystery Within

All of the mysteries of the universe lie within. You are a mystery! Open up to the magic you are.

Starry Bend

Edited: July 22nd, 2011

Clearing Space

Clear space in your life for the good things. Invite more peace, happiness and excitement into your life.

Stockholm, Sweden

Edited: July 21st, 2011

Healing for Happiness

Allow and encourage your own healing into happiness. Heal your relationships, heal your heart, heal your childhood. Take time in waking moments to heal. Happiness!

Lumen Christi

Edited: July 20th, 2011

You React

What’s going on is not as important as how you react to what’s going on. Notice this. Step into reacting with love first, let go of judgment.

Blue, Green and Heaven...

Edited: July 17th, 2011

Speak Truth

When you speak your truth, it resonates deeper. Step deeper into your truth today, and notice when you stray. Come back into truth. Freedom!

Young and hungry

Edited: July 17th, 2011

Who You Are

Realize you cannot be other than that whom you truly are. Your spirit shines through.

I miss you...

Edited: July 15th, 2011


Healing happens.

Somewhere in Dana Point, CA

Edited: July 14th, 2011

Celebrate Independence

Celebrate and treasure freedom. Not taking for granted. Be in awe of this.

Unsettled Wind

Edited: July 4th, 2011

Heat of Happiness

In the heat of the present moment, experience more heat. Bring energy, warmth, love, combustion to your happiness and let it burst outwards and flow to all you know.

The entrance to hell has a thousand ways, the exit none. -- a German proverb

Edited: July 3rd, 2011

Swim the River

Jump into the river of happiness today. Take a swim in the warm water that awaits. Celebrate this beingness with all that is flowing through us, the life force that connects us all.

the other side

Edited: July 3rd, 2011

Lemon Happiness

Life brings lemons, some days are like that. What will you make? How high will you fly, anyhow? Be easy.

Blue Splash

Edited: June 28th, 2011


In quiet contemplation, hope is re-born. Allow it.

We All Have a Common Goal...

Edited: June 27th, 2011

Think Globally, Act Locally

Think globally about happiness, act locally. Smile at your kids, your spouse, your friends, the people you see when you are standing in line. Be open to happiness landing on your shoulder quietly like a butterfly. As you feel bigger and bigger in your happiness, imagine this light brightening up your community, your country, your continent, your planet and ultimately the entire universe. Fear not, shine light.

Light within all living beings

Edited: June 26th, 2011

Let How be Bigger than What

Focusing only on “what” can take your attention and divert it — instead be about how you do everything, how you approach everything. Let new eyes shine forth today and be in a loving place, come from this brilliant light of love expressed.

Edited: June 25th, 2011

Look Again for Happiness

If you have given up, look again for happiness. Be fresh and new. Realize new ideas may show up for you today that you have never before considered. Be alive with it.

Unreal sunset..

Edited: June 22nd, 2011


If you’re not going to experience happiness in this instant, when?


Edited: June 20th, 2011

Feel Gratitude Bigger Today

Feel your gratitude bigger today. Let it fill up and overflow, and bring you closer to God.

The Cat-Circle of Love

Edited: June 18th, 2011

Time to Fly

Today fly high above the world and look with love at your universe. Be in compassion for you, and for all.

Freedom Flying Threw Our Wings (HDR)

Edited: June 17th, 2011

Aroma for Happiness

We don’t always focus on the smells around us. What could smell better? Would you like to integrate jasmine, or lavender, or other essences to brighten your day? Today, allow good smells in. Happy smells.

Flowers by a wall on Gotland, Sweden.

Edited: June 16th, 2011

Get Connected

Source energy is your power cord. Get connected. Powerful!

Lightning on Galveston Bay

Edited: June 15th, 2011

Let Love Make You

Don’t let the old break you…let the love make you.

Art of Healing

Edited: June 13th, 2011

Happiness Quotations #60 Dare to be Inspired Today

Dare to be inspired today. Dare to believe your life is changing, and all the good things you’ve been dreaming about are approaching. Prepare for something absolutely awe-inspiring to show up in your life. Invite that.

Getting Ready For A Hot Summer Day

Excerpted from the new book “Happiness Quotations: Gentle Reminders of Your Preciousness” by Erica M Nelson, available online everywhere!

Edited: June 13th, 2011

Center and Breathe

Take time to center and breathe. Meditate for a moment on the loveliness around you, inside your heart. Breathe into it. Go deeper inside, and deepen again. From center, fly.

Edited: June 12th, 2011

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