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Faith and Certainty

Experience true faith and certainty before the evidence is in. Change means doing things differently, the results will change. You will be drawn back into the sameness, like a rubber band that stretches out, you want to go back to your old ways. New feels awkward and requires deep faith and certainty. Go there.

The Way Things Ought To Be

Edited: September 1st, 2011

Essential Perfection

Acknowledge your insanely fabulous perfection. Know it.

feather weight

Edited: July 29th, 2011


Healing happens.

Somewhere in Dana Point, CA

Edited: July 14th, 2011


One person’s infidelity makes us all small, one person’s strength makes us all tall. Be your strength, today.

Edited: May 20th, 2011

Good is New

Could you treat this moment as new? See with new eyes? Meet everyone fresh? Do some pretending. Pretend you are new to your situation. Get fresh insights, and see people without your blinders.

Another morning shot

Edited: May 17th, 2011

Your Gifts

Express your gifts. You are talented beyond measure. Everyone! You have gifts! Remember this…

Chicago, the graphic novel - let´s see if we can name all the buildings with notes!

Edited: May 15th, 2011

It’s All Happening for a Reason

Trust your life is unfolding for a reason. You don’t have to fully understand why everything happens, but trust you are experiencing your life for a reason. Then, lift up and fly. Reach deeper inside for more of your gifts to meet your life. Reach up higher. Let go of life as you thought it should be, and enjoy every waking moment as it greets you.

View from Rastaholm

Edited: May 9th, 2011

Abundance is Your Birthright

Abundance is your birthright. The planet is your playground. Live!

Looping the loop

Edited: April 13th, 2011

Know the Truth of You

Express your truth. Dance! In creative expression, love flows.

Cute Little Girl in Pink Dances on the Beach during the Kite Festival.

Edited: April 10th, 2011

Happiness Quotations

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Edited: April 10th, 2011

Vision Your Future

Vision the most incredible future experiences. Take time to create a vision for your life. Fear not, will it come to pass? The journey is taking you closer to your vision, when your actions get into alignment with all that could be.

Experience more Happiness Quotations in the amazing new book by Happiness Quotations author Erica Nelson: “Happiness Quotations: Gentle Reminders of Your Preciousness

Edited: April 3rd, 2011

Be Generous of Spirit

Be generous of spirit today. Share love, share smiles, share all that is good and let the sunshine of this wrap you in a warm embrace.


Experience more Happiness Quotations in the amazing new book by Happiness Quotations author Erica Nelson: “Happiness Quotations: Gentle Reminders of Your Preciousness

Edited: April 2nd, 2011

Experience Beauty

In everything you see, beauty exists.

View from Rastaholm

Edited: April 2nd, 2011

Express Your Happiness

Do you have a song inside you? A word? A blog? A twitter? Express yourself today! Express joy, love, happiness, wonder, awe, inspiration, appreciation. See something beautiful inside of someone else. We were not born to be miserable. Be of solid and amazing happiness, in every waking moment. Just for no reason.

Disney - Mickey Balloons Holiday Style (Explored)

Edited: March 26th, 2011

Express Gratitude Deeply

Change by expressing gratitude extremely, from a deep place, truly feel gratitude for others and for everything in your life. The smallest good thing? Express gratitude. This causes your consciousness to shift, your heart to open, and allows more of what is good to be present in your life.

Freedom is a Feeling !

Edited: March 22nd, 2011

Today is Fresh

Today is a new beginning. Choose to see with fresh eyes. Choose to look at your world with a new perspective. Open your eyes to your own truth, today. See beauty, everywhere.

sheffield - england, hidden sunrise

Edited: March 14th, 2011

Happiness is Here

Edited: March 12th, 2011

Honor The Place Within where the Universe Lies

When I meet someone, I say silently “I honor the place within you where the universe lies.” As I honor every person on the planet, all relationships are transformed to holiness.

~ BLUEish Monday~

Edited: March 8th, 2011

Ask for More

Ask for more everything, more happiness, more fun, more good friends, more experiences of joy. If happiness is eluding you, pause to shift out of your blues and into the possibility that life could bring you something very amazing today. What if? Be that way.


Edited: March 5th, 2011

Reach Out

Reach out today to someone new. Reach out and connect. Don’t have an agenda. Give the gift of your smile, your warmth, your friendship. Reach out.

La gran amistad

Edited: March 2nd, 2011

Love Heals

Love heals all wounds, love reaches you where you are. Yes, you may have been hurt. Let love heal this. Ask for more love, and give more love. In this kindness, new growth blossoms.

The delicacy of life

Edited: March 1st, 2011

Be Patient

As you shift into new ways of being, be patient for new results. You are calling for new results, you changed. Allow time, be in peace as your life shifts around you.

Strike One

Edited: February 28th, 2011

Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself every wrong you’ve ever done, every pain you’ve every caused. Forgive yourself for not being enough or not doing enough. Let that all go. In this forgiveness, your pure truth of being emerges.

Cute cat

Edited: February 26th, 2011

Joy Can’t Be Measured Against Another

Your happiness is your own. It may not mean cartwheels on the beach, you may not sing in the shower. You may whisper softly good morning to your love, or you may paint a picture. See if you can let go of measuring yourself against another. Your truth belongs to you — your happiness is your own. It will flow from you as only you will know it. Let go of looking at others for clues to happiness. Just be, and in this, all is possible.

just a moment!  Snow Crystal

Edited: February 18th, 2011

Holding Hands with Happiness

Hold hands with your happiness today. Believe in it more deeply. Agree with happiness. Shift out of resistance. Stop making anyone else wrong. Let go of correcting anyone. Accept your happiness, and recognize seeds of happiness in others. Release all judgment about what this means. A tall order.

cute penguin couple - explored

Edited: February 13th, 2011

Joy is Inside

Look no further. The peace, love, happiness, joy you so desire is right deep inside of you. Meditation can quicken it. Sunshine can quicken it. Feeling awe can quicken it. Love, appreciation, gratitude, all of these things shift whatever is inside you to allow more light in. What else can quicken it for you?

... retour du Nord ...!!!

Edited: February 12th, 2011

Uncover the Essence

The essence of what you seek can be found in many ways. Be flexible.


Edited: February 9th, 2011

What Light Can You See Today?

See new light today. See it everywhere you look. Look at a flower, be in awe of its beauty. Choose to see light. Where is it? Set your intention today to be in this light that bathes us gently, flows around us, and is always here when our mind moves out of the way so our soul can blossom.

When the flowers bloom

Edited: February 7th, 2011

What Lights You Up?

When you are empty, recharge. Happiness flows when you’re full and overflowing with energy, love, vitality, wonder, awe. When you are feeling empty, lonely or sad, take time to nourish you. Kindness towards yourself then blossoms to kindness towards others. Dawn holds promise of a new day not yet born, let yourself be guided by highest and best choices with kindness as an underlying theme.

Edited: February 6th, 2011

Love Is the Key

Go deeper into the love you feel today. Express it more expansively. When doubt crosses your consciousness, take time to replace that thought with love and certainty. Be certain about where you are going. Be loving towards yourself as you journey. Expressing your love is the most you that you can possibly be.

Edited: February 5th, 2011

Forget Everything You Thought You Knew

Go into unknowing, forget so you can remember. When you are in this space of not knowing, you can remember your truth. Light shines brightly in the darkness. Take a few moments today to forget.
African elephant

Edited: February 4th, 2011

Discover Freedom

We have all been given this gift of freedom, freedom to choose, freedom of what to think, freedom of what to wear, what we will do when we are driving the car, how we will speak to our friends and family. Take more advantage of your freedoms. Then make one new choice today that you might not have considered. What have you forgotten that you love to do? What have you forgotten about yourself? Make an amazing choice today.

Doñada running in snow

Edited: January 30th, 2011

Let Go the Albatross

What heavy weight could you release today? It feels so good to let go of something you’ve been holding on to, some belief, idea, pattern, habit or commitment that no longer serves your best and highest good. What can you release today? Do it! Glorious!


Edited: January 8th, 2011

Grand Slam a Curveball

A curveball comes into your life, what is your action? What is your reaction? Does it throw you off course? Does it slap you between the eyebrows? As you tune your fine instrument of beingness, step deeper into your core strength. Step deeper into your ability to navigate any waters. This is true happiness. A curveball becomes a home run.

Movimiento 16(La decisión final) - Movement 16 (final decision)

Edited: January 6th, 2011

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Look where you want to be going, and be disciplined about removing your focus from where you don’t want to be. Keep altering your focus to be more in line with who it is that you truly are. Your spirit will guide you into bigger and more wonderful experiences. Gently each day experience more of contentment. Each day, call for more of what is good in your life.

Parksville Bay

Edited: January 5th, 2011

Live Now

Pets tend to live in the now, do you? Could you be more present? Could you feel more deeply, love more strongly, reach into the recesses of your being to feel more true about all you do? Can you be more joyful? What did you forget to feel? What have you protected yourself from feeling, because you are afraid of being hurt? Today, reach into the recesses of yourself to be present to your life. Touch excellence.

Leo running

Edited: December 29th, 2010

Right Feels Good

Actions are right or wrong. Right feels good, wrong feels bad. Listen for right, go with right. Let go of wrong, progressively, each day, each small action. Step more into right.

Sunset road

Edited: December 27th, 2010

Happy Start to New Year

Dig deeper, stand taller, take bigger steps. Challenge yourself. Grow. See this year to come as a place of the ultimate beginning again. Fresh, new, happy.

Getting Ready For A Hot Summer Day

Edited: December 26th, 2010

Bring the Light

Do you bring light? Do you feel lightness? Could you bring more light? Could you perceive more light? Where is the darkness, and can you shine light on that? Beam light today.

Metallica at Rock Werchter 2009 ♫♪

Edited: December 22nd, 2010

Jump off the Cliff

What risk have you not dared? Your worth is so deep. Take a bigger risk. Jump off a bigger cliff and let yourself be carried higher by the universe. Climb a higher mountain. If you fall, pick yourself up, climb again.

Hiking Out From Rexford

Edited: December 19th, 2010

It’s Not That Big of a Bridge After All

The bridge between you and happiness is shorter than you think. Every time you picture a gigantic bridge with happiness WAY over there, you deepen the distance between yourself and that feeling of being perfectly happy and content. Lose the bridge. Shift from “wanting” to “having.”

Last day in Paris

Edited: December 16th, 2010

Be of Absolute Faith in Your Happiness

Be of rock solid absolute faith in your own happiness. Yes, sorrow exists. Yes, devastation exists. And on the other side, purest joy exists. Love exists. Be of faith in your happiness. Stand true.

a celebrity [water] drop

Edited: December 15th, 2010

Cherish All that is Precious to You

Cherish all that is precious to you. Cherish with a renewed commitment. Look with new eyes of love. As you express love, everything else falls away like a cloak that hid the true beauty of those around you.

Rays from Portland Head Light

Edited: December 14th, 2010

Feel Good

Take time to feel good about your life. Feel good about small things, and feel good about big things. Take time to express that, out loud, to those you care about. Nourish your family – blood related or good friends – with eyes of that sincere joy in being.
July 7 2009 Extravaganza - Prediction = True

Edited: December 11th, 2010

Yes, Help

You know how sometimes you get this feeling “I should help them with that” about a person or a child or a parent? And then you let it go, you let your critical mind deny the opportunity to help someone else because you aren’t sure how the offer will be received? Today, if you get that sense of wanting to help someone, offer help. Stop and just be there for people in your life who may not be as fortunate as you are, or who may need the gift that you have to share. Don’t be afraid!
Free Two Happy Girls Holding Hands Walking to School at Sunrise Creative Commons

Edited: December 10th, 2010


Zen (Version 3)

When someone is going through something difficult, they may lash out. Stay in your own happiness. It does not help them for you to feel badly. It does not help them if you react with anger or lashing back. Your best gift is to stay in your calm place, and let them work it out, and come back to you. Compassion.

Edited: December 8th, 2010

Tiny Steps

Don’t be afraid you’re not going fast enough. Don’t be afraid you’re not happy enough, or you’re not learning quickly enough. Everything happens at its right time, and you are in the right place, right now, and you are doing beautifully. Take a small step. Lots of small steps make giant leaps.

Beach walking

Edited: December 7th, 2010

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Edited: November 29th, 2010

What is Your Story?

If you don’t like your story, make up a new story. Tell a story that makes you feel happy inside. Focus on one joyous moment, tell that story.

Quanto sei bbella Romaaaaaa

Edited: November 29th, 2010

Transformation Beckons

Transformation beckons on sweet wings, allow it in and go for a ride. Into happiness, into safety, and smile into a stranger’s eyes. Allow transformation, one person at a time.


Edited: November 27th, 2010

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