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When You Feel Your Worst

It’s easy to feel good when things are going great. Happiness is easy then. The true act of courage is to feel good when things are going miserably. When life is throwing you challenges, and you are looking out on a bleak ocean of your life, stop and write down 10 things you do appreciate in your life. Consider how much you have. Not to say that what is making you feel the worst is not real, but equally real are the miracles in store. Where are you staring? You have control of that. Take it.

Edited: April 13th, 2017

A New Day is Dawning

Have you grasped how precious today is? Are you taking a moment in your own mind, each morning, to thank everyone, everything, and all spiritual higher resources for this amazing opportunity you have today to be alive, on this planet, at this time, with the people who are on the planet today? There is so much positive power accessible to you today. Sometimes, I forget to feel awe in the very dawn of the day. Today, I am in awe.
Here we go again!

Edited: October 17th, 2010

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