Build Your Day – Starting Now

Thank you for your advance purchase of my new product “Build Your Day.”

I am so excited to share in co-creation of this product with you. Please send me your words, audio file or video file for consideration for inclusion in the final product.

All submissions will be honored with graciousness.

I am committed to changing the way you build each day.

The product will include more than 6 videos featuring instructions on taking apart your very day, and building it back by design and conscious creation.

Inspiration on getting into the outcomes you want to achieve, and assistance along the way.

Thank you for co-creating with me!

Email: with your contribution

Skype: “EricaNelson” (my name is in the process of change)

Cell: 408-416-7090 (text it to me)

Twitter: InspirationMave

Thank you & God Bless