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Clear and Clean for Happiness

Make way for happiness today. Clear spaces in your office, your home, your life. Make way for more happiness today. Clear out the old, to allow the new. Happy New Year!

Edited: December 31st, 2010

Stretch into New Year

You may feel you already were being as big as you can be. Could you stretch it? Worlds await when you allow them into your life. Dream bigger, think bigger, stand in that new way of being. Imagine your life in full color, and know that you have tapped just the very edge of what is possible in your life. You have the capacity for great growth, great evolution.

Planet Sunset

Edited: December 30th, 2010

Live Now

Pets tend to live in the now, do you? Could you be more present? Could you feel more deeply, love more strongly, reach into the recesses of your being to feel more true about all you do? Can you be more joyful? What did you forget to feel? What have you protected yourself from feeling, because you are afraid of being hurt? Today, reach into the recesses of yourself to be present to your life. Touch excellence.

Leo running

Edited: December 29th, 2010

Take Time for You

Take it easy. Do you forget? Take time for you, take time to nourish your spirit. Take a walk outside, appreciate everything. Revel in that.


Edited: December 28th, 2010

Music for Happiness

thank you for singing this one Gloria! Love it!

Edited: December 28th, 2010

Right Feels Good

Actions are right or wrong. Right feels good, wrong feels bad. Listen for right, go with right. Let go of wrong, progressively, each day, each small action. Step more into right.

Sunset road

Edited: December 27th, 2010

Happy Start to New Year

Dig deeper, stand taller, take bigger steps. Challenge yourself. Grow. See this year to come as a place of the ultimate beginning again. Fresh, new, happy.

Getting Ready For A Hot Summer Day

Edited: December 26th, 2010

In Wonder

Be in that space of blessings and wonder. Count blessings, experience wonder.

celestial light

Edited: December 25th, 2010

Your Preciousness

Today, remember your own preciousness. Pause and reflect on where you are beautiful, and where you are absolutely perfect. Be in that perfection and glorious place of understanding, for an instant in time let go all doubt. That who and what and where you are, now, is precious.

Missing in Action

Edited: December 24th, 2010

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Let’s say you are bright and shining but your friends can’t quite always get that. You have permission today to be the reindeer who shines because when things get foggier, you will be in great demand.

Edited: December 23rd, 2010

When You Are Sleeping

Do your dreams deepen your experience of life? Can you see symbols and expressions of your fears? Begin to journal your dreams. You may not understand them immediately but look back in six or seven months, you will be amazed! Your dreams have a lot to tell you. Let happiness be deeper in your sleep.
Spider in the myst 3453

Edited: December 23rd, 2010

Bring the Light

Do you bring light? Do you feel lightness? Could you bring more light? Could you perceive more light? Where is the darkness, and can you shine light on that? Beam light today.

Metallica at Rock Werchter 2009 ♫♪

Edited: December 22nd, 2010

Expressions of Love

Expressions of love are simple. Today, count how many times you can express love in your actions. Look at each action in this light: is this an expression of my love? Be more about expressing love to the exclusion of all other expressions, for one day. Notice what happens!

Shiny day........

Edited: December 20th, 2010

Jump off the Cliff

What risk have you not dared? Your worth is so deep. Take a bigger risk. Jump off a bigger cliff and let yourself be carried higher by the universe. Climb a higher mountain. If you fall, pick yourself up, climb again.

Hiking Out From Rexford

Edited: December 19th, 2010

The Key to Happiness

The key to happiness changes shapes all the time. Today it might be forgiving your parents. Tomorrow it might be changing a habit. Next week the key could be in taking time to appreciate your life. How sneaky, the key to happiness. Know that you can touch your own key anytime, just ask. The answer is within.

05-06-10 Opened Up His Little Heart ~ Explored Front Page?

Edited: December 18th, 2010

Gentle Happiness

It might not be loud. When happiness shows up, it might be quiet. It might be a gentle smile. It might show up as a warm look across a room. It might be a song on the radio. Happiness might be gentle.

Silky Nature

Edited: December 17th, 2010

Gift Pages from Happiness Quotations – The Book

“Most people pursue pleasure in money, sex and power but are still unfulfilled. Why? Because they are non-sustainable energy sources whereas happiness is the purest, most sustainable and reusable form of fuel for the human spirit. Thank you Erica for writing such a meaningful and important book. I love it and it makes me happy.”
– Michael Port, NY Times Best Selling Author of The Think Big Manifesto

The book “Happiness Quotations” is underway with a late spring 2011 target for launch.

Sign up here for a gift of preview pages, and to be the first to hear announcement of the book launch!

Edited: December 16th, 2010

It’s Not That Big of a Bridge After All

The bridge between you and happiness is shorter than you think. Every time you picture a gigantic bridge with happiness WAY over there, you deepen the distance between yourself and that feeling of being perfectly happy and content. Lose the bridge. Shift from “wanting” to “having.”

Last day in Paris

Edited: December 16th, 2010

Be of Absolute Faith in Your Happiness

Be of rock solid absolute faith in your own happiness. Yes, sorrow exists. Yes, devastation exists. And on the other side, purest joy exists. Love exists. Be of faith in your happiness. Stand true.

a celebrity [water] drop

Edited: December 15th, 2010

Cherish All that is Precious to You

Cherish all that is precious to you. Cherish with a renewed commitment. Look with new eyes of love. As you express love, everything else falls away like a cloak that hid the true beauty of those around you.

Rays from Portland Head Light

Edited: December 14th, 2010

What’s Stopping You?

What is stopping you from stepping into your brightest self? Have you obstacles that are conscious or unconscious? One-by-one identify obstacles and systematically blast them out of the universe. Truly, most obstacles are not very strong and will weaken when asked to leave. The very awareness of an obstacle weakens its power to hold you back. Today, be free.

Posing for me

Edited: December 13th, 2010

Your Own Worth is Extreme

In knowing your own worth, this uplifts everyone else. You may fear knowing how valuable you truly are. Let go of any resistance to your inner wealth. Today, stand on your value being greater than you could ever grasp. Know your truth.

El Matador State Beach

Edited: December 12th, 2010

Feel Good

Take time to feel good about your life. Feel good about small things, and feel good about big things. Take time to express that, out loud, to those you care about. Nourish your family – blood related or good friends – with eyes of that sincere joy in being.
July 7 2009 Extravaganza - Prediction = True

Edited: December 11th, 2010

Yes, Help

You know how sometimes you get this feeling “I should help them with that” about a person or a child or a parent? And then you let it go, you let your critical mind deny the opportunity to help someone else because you aren’t sure how the offer will be received? Today, if you get that sense of wanting to help someone, offer help. Stop and just be there for people in your life who may not be as fortunate as you are, or who may need the gift that you have to share. Don’t be afraid!
Free Two Happy Girls Holding Hands Walking to School at Sunrise Creative Commons

Edited: December 10th, 2010

Reach Higher

You might not be reaching high enough. If you aren’t dreaming big enough, the energy of the dream doesn’t catpult you into action Just wanting to get by doesn’t feel the same as clearly picturing the dream life, dream relationships, and starry wonder in your eyes. Go higher. Ask for more.

Supernova Remnant Cassiopeia A (NASA, Chandra, 1/6/09)

Edited: December 9th, 2010

Happiness Quotations Author Interviewed “Coaching Show”

Exactly How to Choose Happiness 15 Minute Audio Gift!

Erica Nelson, author of Happiness Quotations, is the guest on The Coaching Show on WS Radio December 1, 2010. Listen as Erica goes into how to experience happiness in your life.

Edited: December 8th, 2010


Zen (Version 3)

When someone is going through something difficult, they may lash out. Stay in your own happiness. It does not help them for you to feel badly. It does not help them if you react with anger or lashing back. Your best gift is to stay in your calm place, and let them work it out, and come back to you. Compassion.

Edited: December 8th, 2010

Tiny Steps

Don’t be afraid you’re not going fast enough. Don’t be afraid you’re not happy enough, or you’re not learning quickly enough. Everything happens at its right time, and you are in the right place, right now, and you are doing beautifully. Take a small step. Lots of small steps make giant leaps.

Beach walking

Edited: December 7th, 2010

A little kindness

A little kindness goes a long way. What can you do today that is kind? Be kind to someone you love, and be especially kind for no reason at all.

Girl 8

Edited: December 7th, 2010

Be Easy with Small Happinesses

Be easy, as life shows up. Be easy, feel happiness in small things. Yes you are more than you could ever imagine! Yet, have gratitude with the small gifts life brings.

ocean colour scene #3

Edited: December 5th, 2010

The Vortex: A Place of Peace, Happiness, Joyful Experience

Living a better-feeling life really comes down to one thing only: coming into alignment with the Energy of our Source. Daily meditations work to bring you into that feeling of happiness, content, ease, and delight.

I want to suggest that you get this set of meditations now!

The Vortex Meditation CD and User Guide

Abraham reminds us that we are truly Source Energy in our physical bodies, and that a conscious Connection to that more amazing spiritual part of us is necessary if we are to be the joyful Beings that we were born to be. Abraham calls that wonderful alignment Getting into the Vortex.

Everything—from the physical well-being of our bodies, the clarity of our minds, and the abundance we allow to flow, to the satisfaction in every relationship we experience—is impacted by our all-important relationship with our Vortex.

Abraham has helped us to understand that our dominant intent in every day is to get into the Vortex! And now, they have lovingly and specifically guided Jerry and Esther Hicks in the creation of an innovative and valuable tool that promises to get us into the Vortex right now . . . and that tool is enclosed in the Getting into the Vortex User Guide in the form of a 70-minute CD.

This unique recording contains four powerfully guided daily meditations that have been designed to get you into the Vortex of Creation in four basic areas of your life: General Well-Being, Financial Well-Being, Physical Well-Being, and Relationships. Jerry and Esther are thrilled to offer this powerful, first-of-its kind, musically scored, breath-enhancing, user-friendly tool from Abraham that will get you into the Vortex.

I don’t recommend products lightly, because our happiness and well being is so precious. I want to share products from time to time, though, that will uplift you and bring you closer in tune to your most amazing capacity as a human being on the planet.

Go now and pick up a copy of the new CD The VORTEX, or pick one up as a gift for a friend!

Happiness Quotations Highly Recommends!

The Vortex Meditation CD and User Guide

~Erica M Nelson
Happiness Quotations

Edited: December 4th, 2010

Happiness is not complex

Happiness is not complicated. People might be complicated, but joy, that feeling of excitement about life, that sense that something good might just show up today — none of that is complicated. Get into happiness today, just ask.
Strawberry flavour .....

Edited: December 4th, 2010

Start singing, be happy

Does a song make you happy? Play that song, remember that song. Have a few songs at ready to start “hearing” in your mind’s eye to lift you up. I have so many favorite songs! Start singing…be happy.
Bobby McFerrin

Edited: December 3rd, 2010

Special Offer for Happiness Fans

Would you like a Happiness Shift?
If you find yourself judging others, or waking up in a bad mood, or generally not attracting the kind of life you know you deserve, could you break free from your chains?

Could you shift all areas of your life upwards?

When you focus on happiness, the greater “rightness” of all being, you step into an elevated place of living. Everything moves more smoothly, and your wishes become reality with less stress. Start with a few steps, or take a giant shift.

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Edited: December 3rd, 2010

Dawn of a New Day!

Let today’s dawn signal a new beginning. Let today, you feel better about everything in your life. Let today bring you insights, enthusiasm, joy. Open for that!
Kohi Sunrise

Edited: December 2nd, 2010

Unwrap Beauty

Focus on something beautiful inside of each person you see. Let go of some old baggage. If it is a parent, a child, or someone perhaps you have known a long time, forget all of your memories. See if you can see that person in the light of love shining on them. See if you can seek out the most amazing or special quality that person brings. Inside of each person lies a gift. Unwrap that for the holidays.

Wee Westie Christmas 2007

Edited: December 1st, 2010

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