News for October 2011


Surrender today to all the love inside you. Open up more deeply and fully to this. Love every cell of your being, and let light come and heal the places that are so thirsty for it.

the golden dream

Edited: October 31st, 2011


Today, build your day with beauty. What if everything except beauty was an illusion? What if beauty were inherent in everything?

Day 68 :: touch

Edited: October 30th, 2011


When happiness is being elusive, surround yourself with kind people or a loving pet. Embrace yourself in love, every day begins anew.

Shorty With Baby Pup

Edited: October 29th, 2011

Taking a Break

Take a break today. Take a moment out, for you. Be in gratitude for everything you can fathom. Then, feel this gratitude even deeper. Ah.

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Edited: October 28th, 2011

Rare Air

Breathe rare air of love, beauty, joy, truth and let the illusions fall to the wayside. Breathe deep your light.

sweet escape

Edited: October 27th, 2011


How would I be, enlightened? Would I be kinder? Brighter? Happier? Calmer? Try on your enlightened today, see what shows up!

Bright and Beautiful!

Edited: October 26th, 2011


Risk feels unsafe! Risk takes you out of your comfort zone. Risk is reacting in a new way to an old pattern. What risk can you take to step deeper into happiness today? Will you?

the journey home

Edited: October 25th, 2011

Happiness Finds You

What if happiness finds you? It’s trying to get in, you’re stopping it because you’re not sure you’re worth it. Or, you can’t let it in because it might cause change! Or, it is knocking and you are too wrapped up in your thoughts to allow it. See if you can let happiness find you, today.

Fog Ocean Sunset

Edited: October 23rd, 2011

Taking it to the Next Level

When you take your life to the next level, some stuff (and people) get left behind.

Edited: October 21st, 2011

Reach Out

Reach out today and share happiness with another. Tell someone you care, you admire, you love, you appreciate…reach out today and touch the life of one person in a kind way.

Soft Pink

Edited: October 20th, 2011


If you can’t find a sense of belonging, stop searching for it.

Pile ´O Stripes

Edited: October 19th, 2011


Light. Fill up with it. Connect with it. Vanquish darkness. Shine forth with all of your brilliance. You are as brilliant and bright as any star in the universe. I give you this.

Gecenin Koynunda / In the Night´s Soul

Edited: October 18th, 2011

Being You

Be the most essence of you today. Discover that.

«Hey, wait dad!»

Edited: October 17th, 2011

Letting Go Unkindness

Anything unkind, I leave behind. Unkind thoughts, leave behind. Unkind feelings, leave behind.

Love Love Love

Edited: October 16th, 2011

Flash of Divine

Sense your divinity, touch it, know it.


Edited: October 15th, 2011

Allow Nothing

In the stillness, creativity awakens.

Batalla de luz - Es Vedrá - Ibiza 2009 Eivissa

Edited: October 14th, 2011


There is no joy in struggle. Let it go.


Edited: October 13th, 2011


Get deeper into one of your problems today. Heal. Ask for healing from something that hurt you deeply. Ask to forgive yourself for having this hurt, release the pain. Look at the pain as a way you grew from it, and heal. Ask. Begin.

Lightning Strike in Texas City

Edited: October 12th, 2011

Is your day the truth?

Is your day the truth of your being? Could you be truer? Could it be finer?

Missing in Action

Edited: October 11th, 2011


The only when is now.

cutting edge

Edited: October 10th, 2011

Clearing Space

Clear new space for happiness in your life. Let go of one thing you were clinging to that prevented happiness from flowing through. Clear with focused intent. Set boundaries.

North Rim Clouds from Bright Angel Trail - Grand Canyon

Edited: October 8th, 2011


Share joy today. Share a smile, uplift someone with a gentle and warm thought. Be kind for no reason and unexpectedly. Start a kindness snowball.

Blue-eyed Companions

Edited: October 6th, 2011

Feel Like Forever

Feel like you have forever, act like now is the only precious instant you will ever experience.

Why am I up this freakin´ early?!?!

Edited: October 4th, 2011

What do you Nurture?

What in yourself do you nurture? That is what will grow.

Two Suns

Edited: October 3rd, 2011

The Steepest Road

The steepest road can take you someplace with a fabulous view.

Great view

Edited: October 2nd, 2011


Let happiness be easy around you, inside you, flow from you, accept it as your true being.

~ Seen Scene ~

Edited: October 1st, 2011

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