News for March 2017

Clearing Out the Old, Open to the New

Happiness can be as easy as letting go of something that no longer fits, and inviting in the new. Clearing out! Opening up! What could be even better?

Cape Manzamo, Okinawa, Japan

Edited: March 31st, 2017


You might have to go someplace new. See something fresh. Open your eyes to realities you have never before imagined. Yes, happiness could mean change.

St Jeannet

Edited: March 31st, 2017

Expansion Beckons, Will You Listen?

The world is expanding all the time, you  can be in expansion, will you go there? Will you stand in expansion and trust happiness is in that energy?

Where the sun hides / Donde se esconde el sol

Edited: March 31st, 2017

Free More of You

Be in that space of knowing all you think you can be is just the tip of the iceberg of who you truly are.

On a Day Like Today

Edited: March 30th, 2017


Be gentle when you are recovering from a setback. Be gentle on yourself, be gentle on those around you.

BIG Bear hug!

Edited: March 30th, 2017


It’s all about your energy. If you want to change, ask for new energy, change up your energy, change will happen! It’s easy!

On That Shoreless Ocean, At Thy Silently Listening Smile....

Edited: March 30th, 2017

Taking Stock

Find happiness within your own skin, within your own worlds, within what you already are and realize. Then allow the new to warmly waken those aspects you wish to nourish in the year to come. MMMMM.

Happy Harvest

Edited: March 29th, 2017

Pretend It is All Fresh and All New

What if today were this very first precious moment in your life, no past, no other time, just now and in now your brilliance AWAKENS!


Edited: March 29th, 2017

Where You Have Been is Irrelevant

It’s not where you have been, this is irrelevant. Let it go. All of that! What are you now? Where is your consciousness and what will that energy bring you? Be about today.


Edited: March 29th, 2017

Reaching for New

When you reach for new, the neural pathways aren’t built yet. So there is a time when the bridges into your deepest joy and happiness are under construction. Be of joy! This will happen. Faith. Love, all that. Yes.

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge twilight blue moment with red clouds

Edited: March 28th, 2017

New Levels

The time is now to be in a new level. Experience happiness as you soar, feel the air up there and see it all unfolding with grace.


Edited: March 28th, 2017

Happiness is God Working Through Me

Today I open up to the light of God working through me. I surrender to the love that is so great that my problems can feel small in juxtaposition.

Lights in the sky

Edited: March 28th, 2017

Dawn Bright

When the day is shortest and the time is darkest, a new dawn beckons. Stillness as the new dawn breaks bringing hope and light and all the bright joy that is meant for you.

southern alps

Edited: March 27th, 2017

Follow Your Joy

I feel like this has been said, but when you allow joy to be your anchor, your leading light, your driving force — you will easily shift into happiness and expansion.
Why do we resist joy? Oh the critical mind, we carry dump trucks full of critical thoughts we then purge to make way for joy. What brings YOU joy? What will give you joy today? Go on, spill the beans!

Peck Me Tender! ~EXPLORED~

Edited: March 27th, 2017

Open Up to Your Greatness

It’s really all about opening up to your own greatness.


Edited: March 27th, 2017

Joyful Juiciness

Life is so juicy. It wants to play with you. Will you let it!

Edited: March 26th, 2017

Your Time

This is your time to shine!
Don’t let anyone tell you differently!

There I Was...

Edited: March 26th, 2017


Are you afraid to be your truest biggest loudest! Were you trained early to behave! STOP BEHAVING and get happy.

Roar of the King

Edited: March 26th, 2017

In Peace, Forgiveness Lies

When you forgive, your life force opens up and your brilliance shines more brightly. Forgive something, or someone, today!

Edited: March 25th, 2017

Joy is Real

Feel into the realness of your joy today. Even a spark of joy, a flash of it, feel into that and trust it can be greater and TRUST YOU CAN BE GREATER and you already are this.

Energy 3566

Edited: March 25th, 2017

Express Yourself

You may not be able to get your life to sing as beautifully as it can if you don’t get louder. Get louder with your life. Sing it now.


Edited: March 25th, 2017

It’s Not About You

It’s almost never about you. Especially when you think it’s about you. Everyone is on a journey and brings into their lives the lessons they need — let go of needing anything in anyone else’s life to be about you. Peace.


Edited: March 24th, 2017

Shining Brightly

You shine so bright, I am always amazed even beneath whatever you have taken on, I see your brightness & revel in this.

Iguazu rainbow

Edited: March 24th, 2017

This Little Light of Mine…

I’m going to let the light shine. Are you in?

Red Sunset Silhouettes at the Shore of Nottawasaga Bay

Edited: March 24th, 2017

Happiness Is

Happiness is a warm cuddly sensation of comfort, happiness is joy, happiness is ecstasy, happiness is looking out at the world and being at peace because you are where you are — and all is well.

Symphonie de lumières... fête forestière... une marche joyeuse...!!!

Edited: March 23rd, 2017

Far from Here

You may feel like happiness is far from here, and you may be staring at the abyss that stands between you and that place, oh if you could only be “there” now. Let’s invite that place to open up inside of your heart right now – and gently nourish those seeds of happiness you already know to be true. Laughter, a look of joy, a bright rose, a beginning.


Edited: March 23rd, 2017

Being Where You Are

How can I be happy where i am when I am not perfect yet? Shift how I see perfect. Know I came here to learn. Stand in the abyss of not knowing and welcome wisdom.


Edited: March 23rd, 2017

Breaking Chains of Abuse

When you break chains of abuse, new happiness awakens. New cells are born. New life, new choices, new everything. You can do this.

Golden Gate Bridge at Dusk, Dedicated to My Good Friend Robert Scoble

Edited: March 23rd, 2017

Where there is Light, Darkness May Not Reign

Where there is light, darkness may not reign. Bring light. Invite it, know it, feel it, and trust this today. Be in the light.


Edited: March 23rd, 2017


Take a walk on the wild side today. Get very wild with your happiness!!! Feel it bigger than you have ever felt before!!!!

Burlesque Mermaids

Edited: March 22nd, 2017

Open to Receive

Are you open to receive all the grace, all the goodness, all the glory and all of the joy that life would like to give you! What if you could experience even more!

Edited: March 22nd, 2017

Happiness is letting go

Let go of what you thought you needed to do to be happy or “get” happy. Let go of everything you want or need today. Let go of trying so hard to be whatever you are trying to be. In this peace of you, this space of you, the universe lies.

Universe Zero

Edited: March 22nd, 2017

Love Yourself

When the love you have for yourself is as deep as a river and wide as an ocean, taller than the tip of the tallest mountain, when this love flows effortlessly all around you, you will find the love you have for others takes wild leaps and shifts into great depths.

El Matador

Edited: March 21st, 2017

Reach Out Across the Water

Happiness can happen when you reach out and connect with others of like minds and like hearts. Fear not! Connect!

Disney - Holiday Wishes (2) (Explored)

Edited: March 21st, 2017

Fear Not

Fear not. Happiness is the truth.

Stand Out

Edited: March 21st, 2017


Harmony is a state of mind and you can get there, and I encourage this. Invite, create, and be in harmony and feel the life force grow!

Metallica at Rock Werchter 2009 ♫♪

Edited: March 20th, 2017

Sacred Space

Consider the space around you as sacred. Consider you are more beautiful than you have dared to dream.


Debra Poneman HT

Edited: March 20th, 2017

When Happiness is Elusive

When happiness is elusive, move your life away from a to do list and be in your own space again.

NIght train

Edited: March 20th, 2017

Creative Expression

Let happiness fill you up with creative expression. Let creative expression fill you up with happiness. What creativity would like to be born within you today?

A Perfect Morning

Edited: March 19th, 2017


The essence of what you seek can be found in many ways. Be flexible.

Una canoa en la playa de Bora Bora / A canoe in Bora Bora beach

Edited: March 19th, 2017

Stand in this Strength

Happiness gives you a core strength and a connectivity to your purpose. Stand in your happiness today, revel in it, it is your core.

sweet escape

Edited: March 18th, 2017

Sacred Space

As I declare any space that I am in to be, indeed, sacred –everything falls into alignment with that!

Boulder Creek tree house

Edited: March 18th, 2017

Rarely About You

It is really so rarely about you! You can feel much happier knowing this. When someone else is blue, it is really not you. Let go of that!

View from the park

Edited: March 18th, 2017

Reconnect to the Eternal

Today, reconnect to the eternal within you. Ask your spirit to be in every waking moment with you fully present and expressed.

Fallen Angel

Edited: March 17th, 2017

Genuine Happiness

This is genuine happiness welling up from your being with creative flow paramount and your heart in alignment with your gifts.

OOOOH is life good! What is possible!

Edited: March 17th, 2017

Express Yourself with Joy Today

Today is for joyous expression. YES! That’s it! Joyously express yourself, today, now.


Edited: March 17th, 2017


Happiness waits for you. As you shift, as you move, as you wake up, happiness is here, waiting to blossom.

Rosebud from rose from neighbor

Edited: March 16th, 2017

Joy in this Tender Moment

Allow joy into this moment let it shine in and brighten up everything.

Nose Kiss

Edited: March 16th, 2017

Shine light brightly

When you shine your light brightly darkness evaporates into stillness, shine even brighter than you believed you could today. Shine light into all the dark places and feel joy in every cell of your being. Let go of anything that is not that!
Sunrise in Rethymno, Crete

Edited: March 16th, 2017

Stepping it UP

Today open up to the great happiness that is part of all that is. Be expansive, inviting, open, loving, and WARM when it comes to happiness. It is your birthright!

Whimsical Noontime

Edited: March 15th, 2017

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