The essence of what you seek can be found in many ways. Be flexible.

Una canoa en la playa de Bora Bora / A canoe in Bora Bora beach

Stand in this Strength

Happiness gives you a core strength and a connectivity to your purpose. Stand in your happiness today, revel in it, it is your core.

sweet escape

Sacred Space

As I declare any space that I am in to be, indeed, sacred –everything falls into alignment with that!

Boulder Creek tree house

Rarely About You

It is really so rarely about you! You can feel much happier knowing this. When someone else is blue, it is really not you. Let go of that!

View from the park

Reconnect to the Eternal

Today, reconnect to the eternal within you. Ask your spirit to be in every waking moment with you fully present and expressed.

Fallen Angel

Genuine Happiness

This is genuine happiness welling up from your being with creative flow paramount and your heart in alignment with your gifts.

OOOOH is life good! What is possible!

Express Yourself with Joy Today

Today is for joyous expression. YES! That’s it! Joyously express yourself, today, now.



Happiness waits for you. As you shift, as you move, as you wake up, happiness is here, waiting to blossom.

Rosebud from rose from neighbor

Joy in this Tender Moment

Allow joy into this moment let it shine in and brighten up everything.

Nose Kiss

Shine light brightly

When you shine your light brightly darkness evaporates into stillness, shine even brighter than you believed you could today. Shine light into all the dark places and feel joy in every cell of your being. Let go of anything that is not that!
Sunrise in Rethymno, Crete

Stepping it UP

Today open up to the great happiness that is part of all that is. Be expansive, inviting, open, loving, and WARM when it comes to happiness. It is your birthright!

Whimsical Noontime


When happiness is hiding, shift yourself. Waken yourself. Be grateful for all life has and know that now, in this moment, so much is precious. So much is infinitely possible. Waken that.



Look at Everything Upside Down Today

Life means the meaning you give it, so today, look at everything upside down. Differently. Learn something new from a situation. How much joy is that!

Cervena Lhota Chateau

Get into the Flow

When you aren’t in the flow, send gratitude to anyone who ever wronged you. Send forgiveness, love and gratitude that you are here today, on the planet. Wake up that flow of loving energy.

Express Yourself

The creativity of you is the spirit of you expressed. Let it in, and let it out. Your dreams have wings, its time now to fly! What if, indeed, you are all that. And then some.




Love now, fully, deeply, and with as much wild abandon as you can bring. Today is so very precious. Tomorrow is a promise that really has no proof! So love today with all your heart.



Rejoice in God this morning and all that is light, love, and bigger than you ever dreamed.


That where you have been seeking is here within you right in this very moment. Let the light into your soul now and speak from that place of joy.

~ Fun EZ Photography ~

Follow Your Juice

Listen to what makes you feel energized, awaken into your own joy.



So, when will you let it all in? When will the joy overcome you with tears and grace fill every waking moment? If not now, when? Open to your greatness in this very waking instant.


Acordar as pessoas: há um novo dia!


You are a diamond, your sparkle shines.


Don’t be afraid to wake up. Love and life await.

♥ The Drongo Love ♥ Happy Valentine´s Day ♥

No Other Time

Happiness in the now can seem like a carrot you keep reaching for, reaching for well stop all of that right this instant and be safe in your own skin. Be in your own present and love whatever you can love, treasure whatever you can treasure. Be about seeing and feeling into what you can treasure in this instant of time.

Daily Disney - Hollywood Studios Balloons at Dusk (Explored)


The energy to change is big and on the other side the release is overwhelming, and happiness is with you as you change and as you shift, and feel the joy in silent moments that you have as your life is changing into brightness.

Dark Sky Over A Blue Sea

Joy is Me

When joy is me, I am full and overflowing and I have so much to give. I am joy today. Full and overflowing and full of that.

golden waterfall

If there is a way find it

Stay constant in the knowledge that if anyone ever found a way you can find your own way — the way can be found. Stay vigilant and clear in this, for happiness is beckoning and we sometimes forget to listen. #happiness

Stand up paddle surfing on the huge waves off Sunset Beach

Give Yourself Space for Happiness

Give happiness space in your life. Plan for it. Express it. Ask for it. Reach for it. All of this. And be in great and profound gratitude for it. #happiness

Maupiti - The Unspoken Paradise

Brave Change

Change is brave. It’s not always brave because sometimes it sneaks up and does change to you — but it can be brave so stand in that place of change today and invite happiness, with all of your heart.

fly free ~ free soul

Feel It

If you are feeling it, you are feeling it. Trust it. Go with it. Flow with it. Let it in.

How is it possible to find meaning in a finite world, given my waist and shirt size?


When you forgive, it frees you, and it frees them. Life force rushes in!
www.HowDoIForgive.Me for more!

Trust Love

Trust in the love that is yours to give and yours to receive, trust this and nurture this love for it will always guide you.

Living Full & Juicy

Are you full of juicy enthusiasm today! What would it take to be in that creative, expansive environment where anything is possible? Awaken to this today, accept this and receive the very lovely juicy energy of you.


Being in the Flow

Let the life force flow through you so you can be the light bearer for all of those who tune in to your energy! Make it a beautiful day today, as the world shifts to allow more light, more love, more joy, and more of everything you came here to share!

After Storm (Campus Point UCSB)

Happiness in the Body

Can you feel joy being in your body! Let that in.

148/365 - Softly Soaring Through My Atmosphere

Reach for Healing

When life is miserable, you are calling for healing. Allow healing to show up in whatever manner it might — this is a deep call from your soul, can you hear it?

Niebla, CL y estrellas


Happiness is waking up and there is this big river you are in, and you go with it, and revel in it, and breathe bigger in it, and live fuller in it. Be this and all will unfold, in beauty.


Be in ecstasy as you expand to your greatness. Being your greatness teaches others the same. Stand in that, today.


Fill up the space around you and extend your spirit out a million miles in all directions and feel the absolute amazing you of you!

What You Don’t Know Yet

The worlds you have not met yet are beckoning, and reality will keep expanding as you let it in. Happiness ‘during construction’ of your future is infinitely possible.

Love is Easy

Love is easy but people complicate things. Let your love flow today, easy!

Are you In Your Body Today?

Today are you in your body? Feel the earth beneath your feet. Feel the joy from the earth then reach to celestial energy from the sky. Be in your body for happiness today!


Give yourself more freedom today, open up to your greatness just a little bit more. Your wings are aching to fly!

Happiness is Not Linear

Happiness is not linear. It bursts in whenever it feels like it! Let it in today and then ask for more.

Want Less and Own it More

When you want or seek you may be looking too hard! Own that sliver of happiness that wells up from within you, feel it deeply, connect with that and let everything else unfold with joy.

Being Awareness Today

What awareness could you choose that if you chose it, happiness would flow like a waterfall into your life? Ask for this, today.

Happiness in Big Space

Get big today. Bigger with you, bigger with your dreams, bigger with your expectations. Ask for more of others and ask for more of yourself. BRING IT.

It’s never what you think

Happiness is true, and it’s never where you think you’re gonna find it. So stop looking and feel it big in your bones.

Happiness in the Beauty of a Flower Blooming

Happiness Quotations In the beauty of a flower blooming, in the smile of a child’s eye, in the soft fur of a kitten lies happiness, quietly, waiting.

Give Yourself Space to Shine

Give yourself space today to explore, climb, be, trust, love and know your truth.


Life is an adventure, be in an adventurous space today. Be open to “What could be great?” “What most amazing thing might show up?” Be looking for that.

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