Book Your Session Now with Erica!

Book a Wisdom Session with Erica’s Spirit Guides!


She can call you by phone (US/Canada) or skype!

Here is what Erica’s spirit guides give her:
Perfect calmness
Loving, healing wisdom

And now this is available for you! You can focus on questions about:
Your Health
Pets! The spirit guides are pet friendly and can communicate with most pets!
Blocks or Obstacles

This is a very exciting offer! The changes you have been seeking are ready for you to get there. Ask yourself if you are drawn to this opportunity — ask and see if it resonates with you!

Once you book your session you will be sent to Erica’s Time Driver schedule page to book your appointment time/date. If you need more availabilities, please send an email to and identify one to three desired times between 5 a.m. and 4 p.m. PST weekdays only.

During your session, you will be able to ask questions and gain wisdom on any blocks or obstacles that are bothering you!

Erica’s guides (known to her as Sebastian and Grace) are wise, healthy, exuberant and ready to share wisdom so you can feel better, live better, and make choices that serve your highest state of well-being and joy!

Spirit Guide Session